NextGenVision Technology Pvt. Ltd.

                                                           ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Business Process Outsourcing

NextGenVision provide a range of specialised business process outsourcing services that are secondary business functions for our clients, leaving them free to focus on delivering to their own clients and meeting their business objectives. helps global corporations improve service levels, reduce costs, enhance process efficiencies and gain access to our best-in-class processes without investing in requisite technology and skills. We provide innovative, efficient, and scalable BPO solutions and better ways to manage many important, non-core business processes, including finance and accounting, human resources, charity services and forms processing. We assist our clients with strategic planning to ensure that the maximum benefit is achieved through Business Outsourcing. We don't just manage our client processes but work with them towards re-engineering and refining projects to significantly improve speed, accuracy, and productivity.

Our other services include:
  • Accounting and payroll outsourcing for accountants
  • F&A outsourcing for businesses
  • Back office recruitment process outsourcing for staffing agencies
  • IT and back office solutions
  • A wealth of experience in consulting, planning, systems integration and
    infrastructure management, enables us to deliver innovative, results
    -driven solutions to corporate clients around the world. We work with
    our clients to build effective relationships that lead to long-term strategic
    partnerships.Our global engineering team has a vast amount of
    expertise and experience across the departments, but work harmoniously
    together to deliver exceptional projects.