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Business Intelligence includes disparate collection of data serving a business decision function. Managing information using business intelligence techniques is critical for any company to achieve high performance. Innovative information management solutions bring together business processes and technology to use and share information for better decision making.

Most organizations today recognize the need for delivery of accurate, consistent and timely information to analysts, managers, customers and other stakeholders. Yet many fail to meet these objectives for a variety of reasons, such as continued reliance on multiple legacy reporting systems and complex spreadsheets or a failure to properly implement new reporting tools. This can result in processes that are overly time-consuming, costly, and error-prone, overburdening IT departments while failing to meet compliance mandates:

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N extGenVision eAI consultants have proven advanced technologies and Web services standards knowledge to transform, connect and streamline business processes, systems and information that can help organization to achieve high performance. NextGenVision consultants understand design considerations for a flexible, strong foundation using prior industry experience with integration strategies and maximize value from implementations.

NextGenVision consultants follow the industry standard eAI methodology that speeds up application integration, minimizes custom development and significantly reduces IT development and maintenance costs. NextGenVision helps companies understand the ROI and the impact of well-designed eAI architecture

NextGenVision has developed many types of business intelligence solutions and some of the examples are: